July 14, 2018

"I have thick curly hair and it's hard for me to find a good hair stylist and Felicia did an amazing job she was able to cut and style my hair to where it's not bunching up in certain areas."
June 26, 2018

"We have been going to Kiddie Kutters for at least 20 years. They are amazing with kids and they will even cut adult hair : ) The stylists are very friendly and the owner is often on site. Great locally owned business."
June 14, 2018

"They cut very well on Austin bluffs by the planet fitness, my son can't sit long he get antsy,she had my son in and out within 10 minutes with a great hair cut"
May 15, 2018

"Great place! My son was so occupied with all the toys that I was able to get my haircut as well!"
May 13, 2018

"Love it."
Kiddie Kutters