February 19, 2024

"Wow what a place! Roxanne, Darci, Jenny, Roberta... I wouldn't be able to say enough nice things about these ladies if I tried!"
February 1, 2024

"Great price. They really know how to cut kids' hair. We have been going there for over 7 years."
January 20, 2024

"Manny is AMAZING! My son has sensory processing issues and has a really hard time with haircuts! Tonight she went above and beyond to make my son comfortable and even got on the floor with him while he played and he was even laughing at some points! She made such a positive impact on haircuts for all of us! Thank you Manny!"
January 15, 2024

"Staff was very friendly and gave both my boys fantastic hair cuts and service was very fast. Thank you Jenny and Roberta!"
January 15, 2024

"They have been wonderful every time we've gone! My 4 year old loves going to get his hair cut!"
Kiddie Kutters